Ja Rule Tried To Curse The Kings By Saying Karl-Anthony Towns Will Leave Them

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Boy, has it been a heck of a 2019 for Ja Rule, and we’re not even out of February.

First, the rapper’s involvement in the doomed-from-the-start Fyre Festival (which, aside from being one of Billy McFarland’s main partners in the venture, mostly featured Ja sitting on jet skis, swigging Corona’s and denying what they did was fraud) was placed in the spotlight when dueling documentaries on the event from Netflix and Hulu dropped in January.

Then, for some reason, the Milwaukee Bucks asked Ja to perform at halftime of their “90s Night” themed game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, despite Ja’s career existing mostly in the 2000s. Ja’s sound didn’t work properly, a bunch of Bucks players started shooting around before Ja’s performance was over, and then the Timberwolves roasted him on Twitter.

But it somehow gets worse! Ja decided to clap back at the ‘Wolves by poorly impersonating Lil’ B, “cursing” the franchise for the next 30 years and telling them Karl-Anthony Towns would leave them, despite Towns being under contract through 2024. But it gets even weirder!

The ‘Wolves beat the Sacramento Kings last night, and the Kings’ very good Twitter account was upset that Ja’s supposed curse didn’t work. So they got in on the jokes.

Ja, who is apparently only able to muster up one joke, came back at the Kings by telling them that Karl-Anthony Towns will be leaving them, too. Wait. What?

He eventually deleted it, but the Kings kept the receipts. Then he got dunked on by Kings star sophomore guard De’Aaron Fox.

A washed-up rapper who defrauded thousands of people telling an NBA team that a player who doesn’t even play for them will be leaving them is THE most 2019 thing to ever happen. It’s going to be a long year, for both Ja Rule and all of us.