No, Jabari Parker’s Innocuous Crossover Didn’t Actually Break Kelly Olynyk’s Ankles

We here at DIME are usually not in the business of being highlight truthers. Basketball is fun, and we should let it be fun. So what if a player takes an extra step, technically traveling, on his way to an awesome dunk? Who cares if Dwight Howard threw the ball down the hoop, but didn’t actually touch the rim with his hand during his Superman dunk? It’s just a game, meant to be enjoyed as such.

Every now and then, however, we must scrutinize a highlight, such as this Jabari Parker crossover that, on first viewing, seemed to shatter Kelly Olynyk’s ankles. Upon closer inspection, though, that might not be the case. At the same time as Parker crosses over (and we must use that term loosely, because it wasn’t much of a move), Olynyk happens to step on the foot of Greivis Vasquez.

So, what’s the more likely cause of Olynyk sprawling to the floor: Parker’s mediocre crossover, or stepping and slipping on Vasquez’ foot? The answer should be pretty clear, especially because other players, like Eric Bledsoe, have fallen victim to this sort of thing. We’ll celebrate Parker’s handles when he legitimately sends someone to the floor. For now, it’s enough to celebrate that he’s back to playing basketball.

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