Jabari Parker Declared Derrick Rose ‘One Of The Best Players To Ever Play The Game’

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There aren’t many people in Chicago basketball circles with as much clout as Jabari Parker. A former standout at Simeon Career Academy, Parker left the city to attend Duke and play for the Milwaukee Bucks. Over the weekend, though, Parker’s homecoming became official, as the talented forward agreed to a two-year deal with the Bulls.

The fit raises questions, but it’ll still be really cool to watch Parker suit up for his hometown squad. He’s also not the first Chicago high school hoops legend to end up on the Bulls, of course, as Derrick Rose played for the franchise from 2008-16.

The two went to the same high school, and Rose’s peak in Chicago, including his MVP campaign in 2011, came during Parker’s time at Simeon. It’s no surprise that Parker would hold Rose in high regard, and during his introductory press conference on Wednesday, the Bulls’ newest player heaped praise on the Chicago icon when asked about the highs and lows in Rose’s career due to injuries.

“Injuries is a part of life,” Parker said. “Everybody has an injury, either athletics or normal life. But Derrick is, he’s one of the best players to ever play the game and one of the best icons of Chicago. He accomplished his duty already.”

Parker called Rose a “legend” and argued that the former Bull did not go through any lows, because he “maintained” as his career went on. It’s pretty obvious that Parker isn’t just a fan of Rose, but as someone who has gone through his own struggles with injuries, he views Rose as something of an inspiration for his own career.