The Dime Podcast Ep 1: ESPN’s Jalen Rose Doesn’t Stick To Sports And Offers A Banana Boat Rumor

Managing Editor, Sports + DIME
09.28.17 3 Comments

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Well, we finally did it. DIME went and started a podcast. It’s something we’ve thought about for awhile, and we were waiting on the right moment. There was no better time than now. As we’ve seen, the NBA is a year-round league now, and it’s impossible to escape. The culture of the game and the players – on and off the court – have never been stronger, and it’s always been a part of our DNA to cover the game and the life of basketball.

We’ve got a lot of other big things to come over the next few months as we celebrate the NBA’s takeover, but we couldn’t be more excited to launch the podcast with a guest who needs no real introduction (but we’ll give him one anyway): Jalen Rose.

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