Jalen Rose Is Finally Ready To End His Feud With Chris Webber

05.23.19 3 months ago

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When John Beilein surprised the college basketball world in jumping to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Michigan Wolverines were left searching for a new leader. In relatively short order, Michigan elected to hire former NBA All-Star and Miami Heat assistant Juwan Howard, bringing a (very) famous former player back to the program and reminding their fan base of the legendary days of the “Fab Five.”

There was plenty of smoke that Howard could be the front-runner and, with that in mind, he received high-profile endorsements from the likes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Beyond that, fellow Fab Five member and ESPN personality Jalen Rose was very candid in his support of Howard as a candidate and, when the hire was made official, Rose returned to the airwaves with a positive message about the future.

While the support of Howard was anything but new from Rose, he caused quite a stir in declaring that the Fab Five would be gathering together alongside the new head coach.

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