ESPN Can’t Stop Roasting Jalen Rose Over Kobe’s 81-Point Game On His Own Show

Jalen Rose’s comedy pilot, Jalen vs. Everything, ran on ESPN on Tuesday evening. Rose is famous for having a multitude of jobs, including his role on NBA Countdown, and the Worldwide Leader took every opportunity to possible to use the sitcom vehicle to promote its properties.

First, a hilarious commercial involving Kobe Bryant emerged that pokes fun at Rose’s involvement in the future Hall of Famer’s 81-point explosion. Then, just as the half-hour show was set to air, ESPN put forth another video that put Rose in his place yet again.

Yes, that is a statue of Rose diving at the legs of Bryant in the midst of his now-legendary performance.

It is important to note that, well, this is a spoof and the statue isn’t real. With that said, everyone wishes that it was. To Rose’s everlasting credit, he has been a great sport with regard to his role in Bryant’s best regular season performance and this is an undeniably hilarious way to both promote the show and generate some attention for ESPN’s NBA coverage.

At some point, perhaps Jalen Rose will be remembered for some of the (very) good things he has done on and off the court but, for now, he’s often the guy that gave up 81 points to Kobe Bean Bryant.