A New Cartoon Shows How LaMelo Ball And Skylar Diggins-Smith Saved ‘Hoopsmas’

When the NBA and WNBA finished up their Bubble seasons, it felt as if it would be a while before pro basketball was in our lives again. But when the NBA got down to mapping out its next season, it became clear we’d be watching the best athletes in the world compete on the hardwood again before long. In a matter of weeks, our annual Christmas Day tradition of hunkering down for a full slate of NBA games was saved.

That’s not exactly the story told in “How Hoopsmas Was Saved,” a new animated short from Puma and Jalen Rose, but it might as well be. In this cartoon, released on Christmas Eve, Rose narrates a clip showing how Santa Claus sprains his ankle and a band of pro hoopers, including LaMelo Ball and Skylar Diggins-Smith, has to come together to drive the sleigh and deliver presents to young basketball fans everywhere.

In recent years, Puma has built up its roster of basketball players again, and they all show off their stuff in this new clip. Ball tosses a gift into a chimney from long range while Derrick Jones Jr. slams home a package like he’s back in the NBA Dunk Contest.

Christmas basketball is here for us all to enjoy, and while it’s unlikely any NBA or WNBA players have to sub in for Santa on Friday, watching hoops will be a welcome addition to the holidays this year more than ever.