Watch Jamal Crawford And The Seattle Pro-Am Take On The Drew League

The Seattle Pro-Am and the Drew League are two of the more storied non-professional basketball summer leagues. Both feature high-profile NBA players (former and current) just basically cutting loose and doing whatever they want on the court. This summer, the two leagues finally faced off in a summer league showdown. The Seattle roster featured prominent players from the Washington area, such as Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, Spencer Hawes, Isaiah Thomas and Zach LaVine. The Drew league, meanwhile, counted Baron Davis, Trevor Ariza and Stanley Johnson among their ranks. What followed was a battle filled to the brim with dunks, dimes and crossovers.

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The players got the crowd riled up in the lay up lines, which, in this setting, were actually just dunk lines. Zach LaVine was the star of this part of the exhibition, casually rattling off jams that would easily get 50s in the dunk contest. Spencer Hawes also dunked, which was adorable.

Crawford absolutely shined when the game first started, which makes sense because this sort of game is perfectly tailored to his strengths. He showed off his incredible handles and deep range, pulling up and sinking several shots from way beyond the arc. In the end, the Seattle team emerged triumphant, and the fans in attendance were treated to a terrific show.

(Al Ward)