Here’s An Excited James Harden Saying Adidas Is About To Be ‘Amazing’

James Harden found himself in a bit of trouble recently after he was caught wearing Jordans on the street. That’s a big no-no for someone who just signed a massive endorsement deal with Adidas. Even though Harden wasn’t technically breaching his contract because his deal hadn’t officially started, it’s still not a good look for a player who’s supposed to be one of the company’s icons. When Harden’s deal starts on October 1, remember, he’s precluded from wearing non-Adidas apparel.

Just in case you thought Harden was disappointed in this part of the arrangement, here’s a TMZ video of him very, very excited saying that Adidas is about to be “amazing.” Adidas is already experiencing a bit of a renaissance, thanks to strong pitchmen like Damian Lillard, John Wall and Andrew Wiggins (in fact, it appears as if the brand has a claim on previous Rookie of the Year winners). Derrick Rose was supposed to be the leader of that group, but given his recent, numerous injuries, his marketability has calmed down a bit.

Harden, who finished second in MVP voting last year, could be the icon Adidas hoped Rose would be. And if Rose returns to full health for an entire season, that just makes their stable stronger than ever.

(Via TMZ)

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