James Harden And Khloe Kardashian Celebrated His Birthday With A Massive Fireworks Show

james harden khloe kardashian
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Houston Rockets star James Harden turned 26 on Wednesday, and his relatively new girlfriend Khloe Kardashian decided to throw him a big party on a yacht in the Pacific Ocean in southern California. The party took place on Tuesday night, so that Harden would officially start his birthday at the stroke of midnight.

TMZ reports that Harden and Kardashian (Hardashian? Hardashian) celebrated that fateful stroke of midnight with a massive fireworks show:

But there’s a problem with having a fireworks show at midnight on a random Tuesday in the middle of August: No one’s expecting it, and plenty of people are asleep. TMZ says that even though “tens of thousands” of people were awoken by 15 minutes of explosions in the sky (but not the awesome, pleasant-sounding kind), the Hardashian fireworks display had all the proper permits even though it’s reportedly exceedingly rare for them to be allowed on a non-holiday. It was probably a nuisance for a lot of people, who would no doubt shake their heads and mutter, “Those friggin’ Kardashians,” like they have so many times in SoCal.

(Via TMZ Sports)