This Hilarious NBA Mimic Is Back With A Pinpoint James Harden Impression

B-Dot A-Dot, the same wonderful gentleman who gave us the perfect Russell Westbrook is back with another parody shot at that one-time Thunder trio. This one is his James Harden, recent choice at the NBA Players’ Awards for the real MVP. He’s got some tendencies that are best seen through the eyes of a basketball comic mime. The way the Rockets guard twists and bounds and plops his body is a battle dance that, removed from the game, looks utterly ridiculous. Like someone willfully trying to become a crash dummy with every self-toss. Like a well-rehearsed ballet of tantrums in swishy nylon shorts.

He does a great Harden step-back, too, getting up on pointed toes and tipping three or four more steps cross country. What stands out here is the artist’s attention to each baller’s style, freely mixing a palette of patented moves for his own demonstrative mockery. Harden doesn’t grab his defender for the do-si-do during games, but the way he tangles limbs with the nearest player can be downright confrontational. The definition of “touchy.” And now we can see Harden for what he is thanks to the serene nano-theater of Twitter.

[Via B.A.]

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