James Harden Says Beyoncé Has ‘Too Much Swagger’ While Rocking His Jersey


James Harden’s career season made him more than a bonafide superstar. After nearly leading the league in scoring and finishing second in MVP voting, the Houston Rockets guard is among a handful of NBA players who doubles as a legitimate crossover celebrity.

His signature celebration has become a staple of pickup games everywhere, he’s chummy with a number of A-list musicians, and he dates a member of our country’s bizarro royal family. Harden’s star, basically, couldn’t possibly rise much higher – and that was true even before the world’s most singular pop culture icon donned a bedazzled version of his jersey during her highly-anticipated return to the public eye.

Beyoncé famously wore a Derrick Rose jersey – or swimsuit? – in the video for “Feeling Myself,” a collaboration with Nicky Minaj. And of course, husband Jay Z was a former owner and remains a time-honored fan of the Brooklyn Nets. Could this latest fashion statement be a sign that the Queen’s fandom has evolved? Or perhaps, that her heart has been with the Rockets all along?

Given that Beyoncé grew up in Houston, the latter possibility seems most likely. But another one deserves consideration, too: That she simply saw in Harden’s jersey the same amount of “swagger” that he, and the rest of America, so obviously did.

[Via James Harden]