James Harden Gets His Own NBA 2K16 Video Narrated By Spike Lee

It wasn’t long ago that nobody knew the name James Harden.

But even before so many had their prevailing notions confirmed by his early rookie struggles with the Oklahoma City Thunder, the No. 3 overall pick of the 2009 draft was still largely anonymous. Though Harden dominated for two seasons with college basketball lightweight Arizona State in 2007-2008 and 2008-2009, it’s not like he was NCAA royalty. That status is reserved for the blue-bloods’ best players; youngsters thriving in the spotlight at Duke, Kentucky, and Kansas.

Is that why the consensus considered him a reach for Oklahoma City that high in the lottery? Or because a lot of league followers gave up on him in subsequent months as he adjusted to speed of the NBA game? It’s certainly a safe assumption, just as it is that Harden’s adolescent days in the rougher parts of Southern California helped steel him to overcome so much naysaying.

Spike Lee begins this new trailer for NBA 2K16 by saying the subject “is a story of believing in a dream that only you can see.” The video takes us through Harden’s time as a youngster in Compton, his rise to local prominence at Artesia High School, immense success at ASU, his award-winning tenure with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and his current position as face of the Houston Rockets.

Now? “This story of believing not only belongs to you alone,” Lee says, “but to an entire city.”

As you continue Harden’s long, arduous journey to basketball supremacy in NBA 2K16, let’s see if he can do it once the coming season finally begins. The game drops on Sept. 29; 2015-2016 tips off on Oct. 27.

(Via NBA 2K)