Charles Barkley Thinks That James Harden Wore A ‘Skirt’ To Yesterday’s Game

Surprise! Charles Barkley isn’t a fan of something new-age. James Harden showed up to Game 4 in a layered look with some interesting patterns on his shirts. Harden is known for sporting a very modern look that can appear odd at times to those who aren’t very fashion forward. Barkley called Harden’s look a skirt, but Ernie Johnson argued that it was a longer shirt underneath a shorter shirt.

Leave it Ernie to be the voice of reason on Inside the NBA.

The flamboyant fashion choice isn’t anything new for Harden. Forgetting his unique beard, his pre-game outfits are more in line with his former cohort in Oklahoma City, Russell Westbrook, than the traditional button-down style sported by his NBA peers. There was this slightly Amish looking get-up:

The cowboy look that’s a veritable tip of the hat to his Houston locale, even if it overlaps slightly with the hometown football team of his current first-round opponent:

Then there was this pink eruption from earlier this year:


James Harden might actually wear a skirt some day, if it meets the league’s pre-game standards for attire. We know crotchety Chuck will not approve.

(The Big Lead)