James Harden Wants Russell Westbrook To ‘Do His Thing’ Against The Warriors

11.03.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

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Basketball fans have had November 3 marked on their calendars for some time, because that’s the first time Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors will take on Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Even beyond the matchup of two dudes who led the Thunder for years, there are so many reasons to be excited for this game…but let’s face it, everyone wants to watch KD and Russ throw haymakers for 48 minutes.

SLAM caught up with James Harden and asked him what he thought of this matchup. Harden, of course, was one of the dudes who was viewed as a building block for the Thunder along with Durant and Westbrook, but got traded to Houston in 2012. Like many people, Harden will watch tonight, and he’s really excited to see what Westbrook does.

“Yeah, I’ll tune in. I’ll see what’s going on. Everybody knows how Russ feels,” Harden told us over the phone with a laugh earlier today, “so I want to see a really good game. I want to see Russ do his thing.”

Harden brings a unique perspective to this. While he’s been a teammate of both dudes, he’s also had to go punch-for-punch against Durant and Westbrook and knows what it’s like to face off against them when they’re on their games. Also, it’s probably safe to assume that watching “Russ do his thing” means watching Westbrook put up one of those 45-15-12 box scores that are always fun, so Harden’s like a lot of people in that he’s rooting for Westbrook to go off tonight.

(Via SLAM Magazine)

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