James Harden Is Socialism, And Other Takeaways From The NBA’s Political Compass

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04.12.17 2 Comments

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When I was in 11th grade, I took a Government and Politics class. Early on in the course, we took The Political Compass test. It was great, And by great, I mean it is the kind of test that you should never take around a family member before Thanksgiving dinner.

Anyway, if you’ve never taken the test, you can do that here. It asks you a bunch of questions about various morals, beliefs, and scenarios. After you’ve plugged in all your answers (be honest!) you end up somewhere on the political spectrum. For some, it affirms every belief you thought you had about yourself. For others, it’s a wakeup call about what you’ve been calling yourself since college. It’s fun – and educational!

Anyway, if you would like to know why the headline for this post calls James Harden socialism, I ask you to lock your gaze upon this graphic:

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