One Hall Of Famer Thinks Kevin Durant Surpassed LeBron James After The 2017 NBA Finals

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LeBron James and Kevin Durant have been compared quite a bit when it comes to their recent free agent decisions. Whether you feel LeBron played for a super team in Miami or not, his Decision is considered the predecessor to Durant jumping from Oklahoma City to Golden State to play for the Warriors.

Durant got his first NBA title on Monday, and the newest Finals MVP has had a victory tour of sorts

But one NBA legend says Durant is already better than LeBron. James Worthy joined SportsNation on Tuesday and said that Durant has already surpassed LeBron James as the game’s best player.


Worthy’s argument is simple: Durant can do everything LeBron can and it’s likely he can be better for longer. And with a championship under his belt, Durant is officially in the conversation for the game’s best player.

I think after this year he may have surpassed him. I will say he surpassed LeBron. Right now.

Kevin Durant does everything that a basketball player can do. From point guard to center. Defending on the perimeter to defending on the inside. He shoots the three. He’s a great passer. He’s unstoppable. And the way that he injected himself this year. He followed LeBron’s path. LeBron went to another team, got his championships. Durant did the same thing.

So I have to say that LeBron for sure has been the greatest player up until this year. I see Kevin Durant going forward being more dominant and really the player to watch.

The SportsNation crew wasn’t exactly accepting of his argument, but it is interesting to see a Hall of Famer make the case for Durant’s greatness. Whether he’s trapped in the moment of Durant winning his first title or genuinely thinks Durant will be better than LeBron isn’t clear. What is, though, is that Durant’s first title has changed the way many think about him and his overall legacy.