Jamie Foxx Took Kobe Bryant Out Of His All-Time Top 5 And The Mamba’s Fans Dragged Him

Tracy McGrady might be a Hall of Fame nominee for his career on the court, but he’s still a rookie at best when it comes to his in-depth NBA analysis. Case in point: On Wednesday’s NBA Countdown halftime show, Oscar-winning actor and huge sports fan Jamie Foxx joined the panel, and they hit him with this old, tired hot take igniter that McGrady apparently posted to Instagram at some point:

The problem with this game is that there will never be a winner, and no matter which player you pick you’re going to piss off fans. Hell, just by throwing these six guys out there, you get the Michael Jordan crowd that just wants the Great One included (even though this basically pays tribute by saying he’s already on the team), or the old school fans who demand justice for Oscar Robertson. (Personally, I’d appreciate it if Alan Ogg got a little more posthumous recognition.)

Foxx even let out the appropriate “Oh, Jesus” when confronted with this trap, but he still walked head-first into the storm by not even hesitating before he said: “Kobe Bryant.” Michelle Beadle, in her finest admiral’s coat, couldn’t believe how quickly Foxx cut Bryant from his team, but the man has his reasons:

… if I’m building a team, the guys other than Kobe Bryant are more team-oriented players. If… we’re trying to win MVPs, then Kobe Bryant is definitely a person that you would not kick off the list.

Instead, if it’s about individual achievements, Foxx would cut Tim Duncan, which would undoubtedly piss off fans of the “quiet assassin” because this is a neverending trap. I repeat: There are no winners in the Mount Rushmore/GOAT Team game! As such, when they heard that Foxx was bashing their hero, the Black Mamba’s fans took to Twitter to inject him with enough poison to make him feel like poor, ol’ Budd in Kill Bill.

And that’s just a sampling of the hate. There are more and more and more tweets. Even ESPN piled on after they intentionally set the dude up to be crushed…

Bottom line: If someone asks you to play this dumb game, fake a heart attack, slide beneath the desk, and crawl your ass off the set.