Jarrett Jack Is The Worst Player In The NBA At Full-Court Buzzer Beaters

Jarrett Jack is many things, but accurate from 89 feet is not one of them. The New York Knicks guard had a hilarious field goal attempt on Monday night, missing the basket on a full-court shot by about two dozen rows of seats.

Jack’s shot was instant comedy, a memorable moment people will actually talk about from a preseason game where nothing that happens actually matters. But it’s not the first time he’s hucked a basketball to and fro.

As Scott Van Pelt’s late-night SportsCenter pointed out early Tuesday, he’s actually pretty consistent from long-range.

This is hilarious because, well, Jack is a professional basketball player and it looks like he tried to throw a well-done steak over a mountain. It’s even better that he’s tried to make a shot like this once before and failed in a hilariously similar manner.

To be fair, though, move him a few feet closer and he’s much more accurate. Here he is with the Warriors in 2012 sinking a half-court shot at the end of the third quarter.

You can see what’s working here, though. He has a completely different style and is much more accurate as a shooter using two hands and putting his full weight behind it. The football pass just doesn’t work for him at all.

That doesn’t mean Jack should stop trying from underneath his own basket, though. Never stop throwing, Jack. Don’t ever let go of your dreams.