What Is Jason Garrett Thinking While He’s Sitting Next To James Harden?

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It’s common practice at certain NBA Arenas for celebrities to be given courtside seats where they can be extremely visible. It’s a win-win; teams can get a little shine on their brand, and the stars get primo spots (Don’t complain. You know you can’t afford those seats anyway). No one does it to quite the same extent as the Staples Center in L.A. or Madison Square Garden, but for Game 3 of the first round series between the Rockets and Mavericks in Dallas, American Airlines Arena got in on the act — and you don’t get much more famous in Dallas than the head coach of the Cowboys.

Jason Garrett got a courtside seat all right, but for some reason, the Mavericks’ arena staff stuck him right next to the Rockets’ bench. In fact, they might have given him a seat on the bench, because he was so close to James Harden that the Beard could probably smell his breath (it’s gotta smell like nachos, right? Garrett seems like his stadium food choice would be nachos). Garrett seemed really pumped:

garrett and harden

Super pumped. But there’s something off there. Why doesn’t his face move? Why does his smile stay frozen on there? That’s too big of a smile to be someone’s resting face, even if they are super happy. Is that actually the smile of someone who is very uncomfortable and just keeps smiling because he knows people are looking at him? Where is he looking? What is he looking at?

Obviously, this video raises lots of questions, but I think I can answer one of them. The Mavericks placed Garrett next to the Houston sideline in an attempt to distract the Rockets with his creepy smile.

(Via Reddit)