Jason Kidd’s Milwaukee Neighbors Baked Brownies To Welcome His Family

09.12.14 4 years ago

It appears the grass is indeed greener on the other side for Jason Kidd. After essentially forcing his own ouster from the Brooklyn Nets, Kidd quickly landed a gig in Milwaukee as head coach of the Bucks. He has rave reviews about the city so far.

In an interview with Charles F. Gardner of The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, Kidd talked about how much he’s enjoyed the summer in Milwaukee, and how he can feel a buzz around town when it comes to the Bucks. He showed confidence in the new ownership group in Milwaukee and is very excited about the young talent on the team and the potential to field a contender sooner rather than later.

Kidd also pointed to a pleasant surprise from his neighbors that made his summer all the more pleasant:

The couple has sampled several Milwaukee restaurants already, including Screaming Tuna in Walker’s Point and Carnevor in the downtown area.

And they have received a sampling of Midwestern hospitality that stunned Porschla.

“My neighbors baked us brownies,” she said. “That’s the first time that’s ever happened to me.

“They brought them over and said, ‘Welcome to the neighborhood and welcome to Milwaukee.’ It was really nice. Who does that, right?

“It was really nice and made us feel at home.”

Kidd’s wife Porschla has already adopted another pro team in the Wisconsin area as a favorite:

Kidd himself appears to be a Milwaukee Brewers fan already:

Even though his departure from Brooklyn and immediate transition to Milwaukee wasn’t pretty, in a strange way this might be great for Kidd’s coaching career.

The Bucks are young and not expected to contend this year, which will give Kidd time to continue improving as a head coach in this league. Removed from the pressure of winning immediately in Brooklyn and in a town that’s welcomed him with open arms, Kidd might have found his ideal home in Milwaukee.

For now.

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