Jason Kidd Is Peeved The Bucks Were Partying At A Strip Club Right Before Facing The Lakers

12.17.15 3 years ago

Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason Kidd is upset with his team, and it has nothing to do with what they’re doing on the court (which is being generally awful at the whole basketball thing).

TMZ Sports reported that four players — Greg Monroe, O.J. Mayo, Khris Middleton and Miles Plumlee — enjoyed a relaxing night at the strip club Ace of Diamonds L.A. that bled into the early-morning hours. The players were reportedly at the venue until 2 a.m. Wednesday before the Bucks were set to play the Lakers, who rolled to a 113-95 win that same night. An 18-point loss to the Lakers seems embarrassing on the surface, but it’s tough to grip and shoot a basketball when your hands still have glitter on them.

CF Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel relayed Kidd’s response to the strip club report.

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