Jason Kidd To Call Plays for Dallas

02.02.09 10 years ago 18 Comments

For the last couple weeks, all of the Mavs’ news has revolved around finding an heir to Jason Kidd. First, they were reportedly going to get Jerryd Bayless from Portland, then they were trying to figure a way to land Raymond Felton.

But today, Rick Carlisle is trying to right Dallas’ ship without making any personnel changes. Instead, he’s turning the playcalling reigns over to his future-HOF point guard.

The Mavericks coach met with Kidd earlier in the week and told the point guard to take over. Carlisle then handed Kidd a CD with the plays he had been calling and how efficient the players were in those sets. There has been a noticeable offensive improvement in the two games Kidd has called. Several players estimate that Carlisle called 70 to 80 percent of the plays in the first three months of the season and Kidd took the rest. That ratio has now been reversed.

Granted, the last two games have been against Golden State and a Shawn Marion-less Miami team. And in those games, Kidd’s numbers haven’t been all that great – (3 points, 9 assists; 7 points, 11 assists.) But if it’s helping the offense to run more smoothly, then Carlisle is making the right move.

But should Mavs’ fans be a little bit worried that Carlisle has given up the controls? This isn’t football, when asking a quarterback to call the plays makes sense because they have to adjust to a wide range of defensive schemes. Does this mean that Carlisle is a bit out of touch with what’s happening on the floor?

Source: SI.com

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