JaVale McGee Bought Everyone On The Warriors Blankets With Draymond Green’s Sleeping Face On Them

Draymond Green’s sleeping face is now on a blanket, thanks to JaVale McGee.

The Warriors center got every one of his teammates a new blanket that features a blown up picture of a passed out Green. McGee gave Green the first of the blankets, and it elicited a hilarious reaction from Green and Kevin Durant sitting next to him on the plane.

From there, the Warriors passed the blankets out and all of them got a kick out of their new travel gear for sleeping on the plane. Andre Iguodala was laughing hysterically at the gift, yelling out, “Damn, you ugly!” at poor Draymond, while Steph Curry couldn’t believe that the blanket was real.

This seems like appropriate retribution for Draymond Green, who spent most of his summer putting his Team USA teammates on blast for sleeping on the team bus or team plane at the Rio Olympics. Green’s Snapchat for much of the summer was of teammates sleeping, and now his sleeping face adorns a blanket that every Golden State Warrior owns.

It’s a hilarious gift and shows the fun side of the NBA’s best team. When you’re 42-7, you can have fun at each other’s expense without it causing any rifts a little easier. Although we’re not sure yet if Draymond Green’s face on a blanket or Snuggie will be making its way to the NBA Store anytime soon.

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