JaVale McGee Can’t Understand Why LeBron James Blocked Him On Instagram

12.22.15 3 years ago
Kenneth Faried, JaVale McGee


Did you know JaVale McGee is still playing in the NBA? It’s true! He’s averaging ten minutes a game in eight appearances for the Dallas Mavericks this year as one of the last men off the bench. He’s long past getting attention for being a weirdo, but he’s still a funny guy from time to time. But is his penchant for getting attention for non-basketball things the reason why LeBron James apparently blocked him on Instagram?

Unless JaVale had been relentlessly trolling LeBron in the comments, this is a puzzler. The most likely explanation is that it’s a simple glitch that won’t allow McGee to see LeBron’s posts (for some reason, we can’t see him calling Instagram tech support). Of course, one of JaVale’s commenters has another theory:

Interesting… LeBron has said that James Jones is his favorite player ever, and if you don’t remember what that comment is referring to, allow us to enlighten you.

That was a stupid thing JaVale did back when he did stupid things regularly, and it wound up hurting Jones. You know what? We buy this completely. LeBron was in attendance at that game, and he has a famously long memory. JaVale says himself that he’s been blocked for “2 years at least,” so maybe LeBron went home that night and decided that the idiot who hurt his best friend was dead to him on Instagram.

What a world we live in.

(h/t r/nba)

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