ESPN’s Jay Bilas Gives Us His Essential Jeezy Playlist

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DURHAM, N.C. – Jay Bilas doesn’t stop. He might be donning a sweater, but he may as well have a marathon vest on with the way he’s bouncing from place to place. He records an interview with a local TV station, answering questions about Duke’s chances in March, then hits the production meeting for this week’s College GameDay on ESPN. Next to come is recording a segment from Krzyzewskiville and taking in practice. And it’s only Friday.

During the production meeting, it’s the question of how to approach the Grayson Allen situation that gets brought up again.

“Is the Grayson Allen attention fair?” Jay Williams asks the room. “Why don’t we talk about it?”

“If he was at Duquesne would we be talking about it?” Rece Davis wonders.

“But he also wouldn’t have been preseason player of the year if he was at Duquesne,” Bilas responds.

Bilas is quick with one-liners, which makes him a perfect partner to Sean McDonough, your favorite broadcaster’s favorite broadcaster. But he also knows his hoops, from his time playing at Duke, his career overseas, his skills camp, and his longtime 20-plus years at ESPN.

So when he speaks – praise or otherwise – people listen.

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