Marvel At Jay Wright’s Cold-Blooded Reaction To Villanova’s Title-Winning Shot

Jay Wright has never coached in a bigger basketball game in his life. Villanova’s head coach has been at the helm for a long time, but Monday was the first time that his team ever played for a national championship.

Despite this, Wright was as cool, calm, and collected as ever. The sharply-dressed Pennsylvania native has been known for remaining composed at all times throughout his coaching career, no matter what is happening on the court.

Of course, he’s never had to keep his composure in the face of anything like he did during the title game, one which Villanova won in the most shocking manner possible. After Kris Jenkins canned the game-winning three at the buzzer, Wright simply turned and started walking toward North Carolina’s bench to congratulate the Tar Heels.

If anything, Wright let his emotions come through when he allowed himself to smile just a little bit. He also threw his arms out, but that was only because people were running into his arms for hugs.

One of the reasons why March Madness is so amazing is the emotion. Players, coaches, everyone always seems to get caught up in the magnitude of what’s happening, which produces the most authentic reactions that you’ll ever see. For Jay Wright, authenticity is reacting like Villanova just won a preseason scrimmage.