Jaylen Brown Told The Story Behind His ‘Welcome To The NBA Moment’

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Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown is about to embark on his second season as a professional athlete. He’s coming off of a successful rookie campaign where the eye test probably told you more than the numbers. The Celtics had the best record in the Eastern Conference last season, and for a team actively competing for the Larry O’Brien trophy, playing time for a rookie can be hard to come by.

Despite the lack of consistent run, though, Brown performed well whenever called upon, and that’s all you can really ask for from a 20-year-old rook. He was really good, and the fact that the Celtics kept him out of trade negotiations this summer when just about everyone else was on the block should tell you that.

The Celtics have an entirely different roster this season, and getting something from Brown this year is a must. Danny Ainge dealt a lot of the Celtics’ wing depth this summer in moves facilitating their ability to sign Gordon Hayward and trade for Kyrie Irving. The Celtics have more top-end talent than they did last year, but all of that falls apart if players like Brown can’t give them production off the bench.

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