Jayson Tatum And His Dad Both Admit They’d Include Him In A Trade For Anthony Davis

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There’s no indication that Anthony Davis is on the trade block, but that hasn’t stopped basketball fans from wondering what will happen if the New Orleans Pelicans star turns down a supermax extension next summer. Every team would want to acquire Davis’ services in that circumstance, even if there are only a few squads that have the pieces that could pull a move for him off.

One such team is the Boston Celtics, which has a whole bunch of picks and young players to play with should Davis hit the market. The most enticing player that could be included in the package is Jayson Tatum, as he is young, polished, as has the potential to be a superstar if everything works out.

The issue is there’s a debate as to whether the Celtics should include Tatum in a deal should Davis become attainable. However, both Tatum and his dad agree that, if the opportunity to get Davis pops up, he should be put on the table. This comes via Celtics analyst Cedric Maxwell, who revealed that he’s had this conversation with the pair on the latest edition of Celtics Beat with Adam Kaufman.

“Jayson Tatum’s dad came to me a couple days later and said, ‘Man, I got a bone to pick with you,'” Maxwell said. “I was like, ‘What?’ He said ‘you said you’d trade my son for Anthony Davis,’ I said ‘And?’ And he said ‘Well, I would probably trade him, too, if he wasn’t my son.’”

“Even I talked to Tatum and told him that story about his dad and stuff, he said, ‘Yeah, I’d trade me, too, for Anthony Davis,’” Maxwell continued.

Surely the pair were speaking in jest to some extent, but give them credit: They admit that doing whatever it takes to get Davis is in Boston’s best interest.