The Jazz And Grizzlies Have Reportedly Discussed A Mike Conley Trade

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The Kristaps Porzingis trade on Thursday afternoon gave us our first major transaction as we get closer and closer to the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 7. Basketball fans are now sitting and waiting to see what’s next on the docket, and thanks to a report, we might have an idea of what the future could hold for two veteran point guards.

According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, the Memphis Grizzlies — which have been open about their willingness to sell their two longest-tenured players at the deadline — have had talks with the Utah Jazz about a point guard swap. The Jazz would receive standout Grizzlies guard Mike Conley, while crafty Utah veteran Ricky Rubio would make his way to Memphis.

It’s a little more complex than just a like-for-like trade, as Rubio is an expiring contract while Conley is signed through the 2020-21 campaign and makes twice as much money. Additionally, Stein pointed out that the Grizzlies would reportedly want “prime draft compensation” in a move.

Whether this would mean a third team gets involved or the Jazz add some additional players/picks to ship to Memphis in a hypothetical deal remains to be seen, and of course, it’s totally possible that we don’t even get a Conley-for-Rubio trade when all is said and done. But this would be a fantastic move for both teams — the Grizzlies would get a good player on an expiring deal as they eye the future, while the surging Jazz would receive an excellent point guard who, despite the fact that he’s the ninth-highest paid player in the league, has been underrated throughout his professional career.