The Jazz Are Reportedly The ‘Frontrunners’ To Land Mike Conley This Week

06.17.19 1 month ago

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The biggest trade news NBA fans have been waiting on hit this weekend when the Lakers got a deal done with the Pelicans for Anthony Davis, finally getting LeBron James a star teammates.

While Davis was, undoubtedly, the biggest name on the trade market, he’s not alone in terms of players likely to be dealt this summer that can significantly impact next year’s playoff race. Memphis is in the midst of a tear down, have sent Marc Gasol to Toronto at the deadline, where he ultimately won a championship, and the expectation is that Mike Conley Jr. will be on the move this summer to completely rid the team of the last remnants of Grit N’ Grind.

Since last trade deadline, the Utah Jazz have been considered one of the most likely teams to trade for Conley, as they have a clear need for an upgrade at point guard and given their cap situation, need to acquire talent via trade rather than in free agency. With Ricky Rubio set to be a free agent and apparently not in Utah’s plans, talks have reportedly heated up with the Grizzlies in trying to make a Conley deal happen.

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