Emails Show Jeanie Buss Discussed The Lakers Moving To The Forum, Partially To Spite The Clippers

03.14.19 4 months ago

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The Lakers season has been an abject disaster to this point, as they seem all but assured to miss the postseason in LeBron James’ first year.

Still, there are few brands in the NBA bigger than the Lakers and as such, everyone wants to figure out how to get a piece of the pie — and the Lakers want to maximize their earning potential. Currently, the Lakers are scheduled to play at the Staples Center through the 2024-25 season when their lease runs up.

The expectation is and has been that they will re-sign at Staples and remain there well past 2025, but a recent lawsuit filed by Madison Square Garden Company against Inglewood over the Clippers’ plan to build a new arena over by the soon-to-be-opened Rams and Chargers stadium shows there were, at least briefly, discussions to move the Lakers to The Forum.

MSG owns The Forum and is upset that the Clippers are passing up on the opportunity to play at the renovated building, claiming the city of Inglewood tricked them into a lease with the city for land for parking to help the Clippers build their new arena. Emails produced in discovery and obtained by the L.A. Times show Jeanie Buss discussing the potential to move the Lakers to The Forum after their lease runs up with Staples.

Buss, advisor Linda Rambis, and business mogul Irving Azoff had lengthy correspondence via email about the potential for a move back in 2017, although all parties involve say nothing came of it and there are no plans for such a move.

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