Jeff Green Scrapes The Ceiling For Towering Poster Dunk On Kevin Seraphin

Know your personnel, Kevin Seraphin.

Jeff Green hunts bodies. The Memphis Grizzlies forward is one of the game’s best leapers off one foot, and makes a habit of posterizing defenders by palming the ball like a grapefruit and throwing down once his prey has already fallen back to the ground. Turn your head for a split second when Green has the ball on the wing, and that’s all he needs to make the league’s highlight of the night.

Seraphin didn’t know it, but he was dead right here:

Always see your man and the ball, kids, but especially when the guy with the rock is a threat to take-off for some 10 feet from the basket.

Green’s towering jam was so sick, in fact, that it apparently left him feeling some discomfort. He left the Grizzlies’ game against the Washington Wizards in the third quarter and won’t return.

Washington leads Memphis by 12 midway through the fourth quarter.

[Vine via VinnyViner]