Jimmy Butler Confirmed The Wolves Had A Players Only Meeting, But Jeff Teague And Others Deny It

10.11.18 8 months ago

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The Timberwolves canceled practice on Thursday after the circus that was Jimmy Butler’s return to the team on Wednesday. Butler made a brief appearance at practice, beating the starters with third-stringers, antagonizing Karl-Anthony Towns, GM Scott Layden, and others, and then did a lengthy sitdown interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols.

Butler’s “tour de force” as Adrian Wojnarowski called it on Wednesday seemed like a power play from the star to force the Wolves into kicking trade talks into a higher gear. Butler doesn’t feel like the issues with the franchise can be fixed, as he told Nichols, and still has issues with Towns and Andrew Wiggins over effort.

However, on Thursday, despite practice being canceled, Butler still found his way to continue the news-cycle as he reportedly held a players only meeting where he laid out his issues with the team and management but insisted he wanted to compete with them until he’s dealt. Butler even confirmed that meeting took place to Nichols, as ESPN tweeted.

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