Jeff Van Gundy Had To Toss His Cat Off Of Him While Calling Clippers-Mavs

Pets have become far more present in the work lives of Americans this year, as the pandemic has forced many to work from home where cats, dogs, and other animals roam and don’t understand the difference between you being at home and off and you being at work on your computer. As such, those pets are rather frequent intruders into the now-ubiquitous video calls many have to be on for work.

Usually, that just means only your coworkers have to hear dogs barking or see a cat stroll across the screen, but when you’re Jeff Van Gundy calling a Clippers-Mavs game from home office and your cat decides it’s time for attention, it means the entire NBA viewing public gets introduced to “Neetzy” (or maybe a mispronounced Nietzsche) — who is a “good boy,” per Van Gundy — before you can quickly try to discard him from your desk.

It was a funny moment and Jeff used it to shoutout all four of his cats, who he apparently is tasked with feeding during halftime to try and prevent such intrusions. The best part is he never broke stride calling the game despite having to toss his cat off the desk, a move of a veteran cat owner who is accustomed to their unwillingness to accept boundaries.