Jeremy Lin Co-Stars In This Delightfully Wacky Taiwanese Music Video

08.28.16 2 years ago

Jeremy Lin relishes any opportunity he gets to do something wild on camera. Just check out this insane trailer for a made-up Anime version of Space Jam. Before that there was his great cameo in Fresh Off The Boat. And let’s not forget that time he went undercover as a bumbling trainer at a Taiwanese gym.

Lin has returned to the country for his latest viral video sensation, only this time in a totally bonkers music video featuring Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou. Describing it won’t do justice to the sheer absurdity of the thing, but here’s the basic story arc. They meet at a stoplight, whereupon Lin challenges Chou to what you assume will be drag race. They then proceed to play pop-a-shot instead, at which Lin loses badly, 703-517.

Then they go eat ice cream, which is presumably at least partially what the song is about, according to the subtitles. It’s also apparently about breaking away from the stereotypes in “oriental” music. Some tripped out psychedelic stuff happens next, which is followed by Lin playing a classical music piece on piano. After that, they play a real game of one-on-one basketball, which Lin dominates. That’s followed by even more ice cream consumption.

All in all, it’s a fun way to waste three minutes of your life.

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