That Time Hornets Security Wouldn’t Allow Jeremy Lin In The Team’s Arena

Jeremy Lin
Getty Image

Poor Jeremy Lin. No matter how many years he plays in the league, no matter how many 20-point outings he has, or how crazy Linsanity got when he was in Manhattan sleeping on Landry Fields’ couch, he still runs into people who doubt he’s actually an NBA player.

Just take the Charlotte Hornets security team for example, who wouldn’t even allow Lin into the arena when he tried to check it out on Friday. They even had the gall to ask Lin what team he played for.

Now, granted, Lin wasn’t on the Hornets last year and maybe the security guard in question just doesn’t follow the NBA that closely. But I mean, come on. Lin is still 6’3, so it’s not like we’re talking about Muggsy Bogues here. It would be one thing if Lin was going undercover like he’s done before, but he wasn’t flying incognito here, he just wanted to get some reps at his new home.

Lin signed with the Hornets in the offseason after spending last year with the Lakers. Although he’s never been able to duplicate that Linsane second-half stretch with the Knicks in the 2011-12 season, he’s still a valuable sub who can provide offense spearheading the offensive push for the second team. He should be a valuable backup for Kemba Walker in Charlotte next season provided, of course, he’s allowed in the arena.