Watch Jeremy Lin Take On A 14-Year-Old Iceland Fan One-On-One

05.22.16 3 years ago

Jeremy Lin is undoubtedly one of the most down-to-earth players in the NBA. We’ve seen the Hornets point guard interact with his fans online before, like when he went undercover as a bearded trainer, and he’s so unassuming that sometimes he even has trouble getting into the arena for games.

Still, Lin is an NBA star, and you would imagine he’s a pretty busy guy. It’s one thing for an athlete to take a picture or sign a quick autograph or two when you see them in public, but actually accepting an invitation back to someone’s house to play one-on-one is pretty unlikely.

Yet, that’s exactly what the Hornets point guard did when he was spotted at a local ice cream parlor in the Icelandic town of Akureyri recently. Lin was recognized by 14-year-old Júlíus Orri Ágústsson and his mother, and the family was kind enough to invite Lin back to their home so Guðrún and Lin could shoot around in their front yard.

Amazingly, Lin agreed and the young Gísladóttur got the rare opportunity to show off his skills up close and personal with an NBA player. It probably didn’t hurt that Júlíus has a ridiculous view of the mountains from his home, making for perhaps the most picturesque basketball court ever, but it’s still a pretty great gesture.

(Iceland Magazine)

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