See Jeremy Lin Go Undercover At A Gym While Rocking A Fantastic Fake Beard

Jeremy Lin is quietly the best YouTube star in the NBA. Last year, Lin released a hilarious video of his own Lindorsements that featured Steve Nash while doing parodies of popular commercials. He’s been making YouTube videos for several years now documenting his NBA journey and the fun stuff he gets into with his friends. He even made a video mocking his newfound fame after the Linsanity craze.

In the video above with adidas, the new Charlotte Hornets guard took his acting skills to Taiwan to go undercover as a personal trainer. This is not the first time he’s done these sorts of hijinks with adidas’ backing. He’s just a big fan of messing with people.

In the video released Tuesday, Lin and a friend put on elaborate disguises to fool gym patrons into executing the most absurd exercises. At one point, Jeremy has to leave because he’s laughing so hard. The tandem gives quite the dance class and finds out they were training an actual Olympian from Taiwan. The most amazing takeaway from the video is the superb fake beard Lin sports throughout. His facial hair should be a permanent fixture on his normally seraphic face.

Lin’s offseason move from Los Angeles to Charlotte means he’s further away from the film and entertainment industry, but he should have a budding career on the camera even after his playing career is over.

(Via Jeremy Lin)