Jerome Williams Is Fighting Hopelessness With Community Investment

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Jerome Williams hasn’t participated in an NBA game as a player since 2005 but the now 43-year-old isn’t done making an impact through the game that provided his livelihood for nearly a decade. The former NBA forward has been a pillar in the community for quite some time, beginning long before his retirement from professional basketball, and Williams is bringing that goodwill to the table yet again with a new program called Shooting For Peace.

The program is highlighted in a recent video from Boost Mobile and it reflects positively on Williams and the work being put forth by the initiative. Williams’ words echo throughout the piece of media and his message of positivity and uplifting spirit are widely evident in every part of his being.

“Sometimes, it’s not what you say, it’s what you do,” Williams said. “I don’t necessarily have to say something to a kid to get their attention. It’s your air, your presence, your emotion, your eye-to-eye contact. Just looking in a kid’s eyes and you showing that you’re present with them for two seconds could speak volumes more than a ten-minute conversation about nothing.”

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