Jerry Colangelo Reportedly Threatened To Damage The Sixers If GM Bryan Was Fired

06.07.18 8 months ago 2 Comments

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The Philadelphia 76ers made official on Thursday what the NBA world expected to happen for the past week, as they announced Bryan Colangelo had resigned after the investigation into alleged burner Twitter accounts found they were operated by his wife, Barbara Bottini.

This was the conclusion Sixers Twitter reached an entire week ago with some Twitter sleuthing and rather impressive private investigation skills, but for whatever reason it took the team seven more days to finally come to the conclusion they needed to part ways with Colangelo. There are logistical explanations for that, regarding how the announcement would go down and what, if any, buyout would be involved, but even still it seemed like a fairly lengthy delay.

There was almost no way, given the content of some of the tweets, Colangelo could stay if it were anyone tied closely to him, as it would be extremely difficult to build the trust back with the players criticized by his wife (which included Joel Embiid, Markelle Fultz, and Ben Simmons). However, there was apparently some interference on behalf of Bryan, once again from a family member, that attempted to prevent his firing.

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