Jerry Seinfeld Recalled His Locker Room Conversation With Michael Jordan From ‘The Last Dance’

One of the highlights of The Last Dance has been the old footage of the 1998 Bulls, particularly the locker room, practice, and plane videos.

This past week’s episodes featured more of that than the first four, which also made them two of the best episodes yet in the documentary. There was footage of Jordan golfing, Dream Team practices, and Jordan gambling with security guards over pitching quarters, but there was also a segment dedicated to all the various celebrities that came to games just to see Jordan and the Bulls.

One of those was Jerry Seinfeld, who got quite a bit of airtime as there was footage of him meeting up with Jordan in the Bulls locker room prior to a game. Michael pointed out some team employees that were huge fans of his show and the two talked briefly before Phil Jackson kicked Jerry out of the locker room. Seinfeld appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show this week and Kimmel asked him about that moment — after Jerry explained he hadn’t gotten around to watching the documentary yet.

Seinfeld remembers “teasing” Jordan about whose final season would be a bigger deal, Jordan and the 98 Bulls or Jerry and the Seinfeld finale that was also taking place that same year. He goes on to say the most starstruck he’s ever been in his life was when Keith Hernandez guest starred on Seinfeld in 1992, but by 1998 he wasn’t exactly fazed by talking with an athlete, even on the level of Michael Jordan.