Jerry West ‘Wouldn’t Want A Father Like’ LaVar Ball

Jerry West tried very hard not to talk about LaVar Ball when Dan Patrick asked about him on his radio show on Thursday. Then he went ahead and talked about him anyway.

Ball has been a great topic to discuss with his various basketball guests, but West was hesitant to get into the subject. Then West said that he wouldn’t want to have a father like LaVar Ball when talking about his son Lonzo’s NBA Draft prospects.

The guy who the NBA logo was designed after said Ball’s “bad impression” hasn’t helped Lonzo as we enter the month of the NBA Draft.

West said “I don’t really want to get into that,” when Patrick asked about the Big Baller Brand owner’s influence on his son’s reputation. He soon, however, got entirely back into it.

Frankly I don’t like to talk about his dad, OK? I’d rather talk about his kid. His dad to me, I wouldn’t want a father like that to be honest with you.

I think he puts a bad impression on his kid. You know he loves his kid, OK? You know that. But it should be about his kids, not him.

West later said he “wouldn’t let a father influence who I’m going to draft,” but said the Lakers have a tough decision to make this month.

The Lakers are probably going to be in a position to get him. Are they going to draft him? That’s up to them. I think there are three or four players in this draft that I really like, personally. So they have a big decision to make.