A Couple Of Sixers Dads Had Harsh Words For Coach Brett Brown And Nik Stauskas

The Sixers’ übertanking philosophy is wearing thin on a lot of people. That’s why they’ve brought in NBA vets like Jerry Colangelo and Mike D’Antoni (and Elton Brand!) to add an air of respectability. But it’s still not enough for many, and apparently the ranks of the still-frustrated include a couple Sixers players’ fathers.

During Sunday night’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Jahlil Okafor’s father Chuck was rumored to be heckling head coach Brett Brown from behind the Sixers’ bench, though what he said specifically remained a mystery.

Kendall Marshall’s dad Dennis, on the other hand, was very specific on Twitter during the same game.

The white player to whom he’s referring is Nik Stauskas, the former Sacramento Kings sharpshooter who’s currently getting 23 minutes of run while shooting 35 percent from the field. Marshall, on the other hand, is only averaging 16 minutes — but only shooting 34 percent himself. The defense is a subjective question, but it’s understandable that a father wouldn’t notice his son’s shortcomings as much as another player’s. (Marshall has since deleted his account.)

Both players were asked about their fathers’ behavior, and Marshall was a bit sheepish, saying “He knows he was wrong. He apologized for it.”

Jah, on the other hand, continues to be prickly, responding to questions about his dad with, “I don’t know why you guys worry about my dad,” Okafor said. “He’s not in the NBA. He’s not on the team.”

It just seems like everyone around the Sixers wants the season to be over already, so they can just get that next high draft pick and maybe-kinda-sorta-try to contend in 2016-17.

(Via ESPN)