Jimmy Butler’s ESPN Interview Gave Us The Latest In A Long Line Of Great Butler Reaction GIFs

10.10.18 6 months ago


Jimmy Butler is a very serious athlete, but at the same time, he can have some very goofy moments.

Some players in the NBA are just naturally GIFable, as in they do something and it’s really easy to make a reaction gif out of them. Butler, in particular, is one of the best at these. Ever since his days in Chicago he’s been showing up in gifs across the internet with his reactions from the bench, during a game, or in street clothes.

On Wednesday, Butler sat down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols for an interview about a tirade he went on during practice. The interview had Butler speak about his relationship with Karl-Anthony Towns as well as the honesty he shows with his teammates. The interview also gave us yet another fantastic gif moment with Butler.

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