Butler Hits Go-Ahead 3-Pointer, But Says “I Couldn’t Play A Lick Of Defense”

If you want an example why Bulls wing Jimmy Butler is having a transformative year for the Bulls, his comments after Monday night’s 92-90 win in Indiana — Chicago’s seventh straight — works. After helping the Bulls win with his go-ahead three-pointer just outside of a minute to play, he could only lament his defense on Chris Copeland after the game.

First, the good. Here’s Jimmy hitting the go-ahead three that eventually won it for Chicago:

And on the very next possession, he challenges Chris Copeland‘s catch of the ball, and draws an offensive foul in the process.

Yes, C.J. Watson had a wide-open corner three-pointer to win it at the end for Indy, but he missed, and the Chicago’s winning streak continues.

Except, Jimmy Butler isn’t too happy with his defense on Copeland, who scored 13 of his team-high 17 points during the fourth quarter, where Indiana briefly got a lead after they were down 21 with 2:33 left in the third quarter.

Copeland was hot in the final session, hitting 6-of-7 from the field including a three—pointer. That’s what Jimmy was stuck on despite the win, by way of the Chicago Tribune‘s K.C. Johnson:

That’s the word of a mensch and a leader. Most other people would blame Derrick Rose and his 5-of-20 shooting night, or the squandered lead in the fourth, but Jimmy took the onus himself for the close call even though he scored a team-high 27 points (8/20), drew a late offensive foul on Copeland, and hit the go-head three-pointer.

Also, Butler had a block and four steals — including this snatch in the first half that he took for the dunk:

And he complains about his defense on Copeland.

There’s someone very special blossoming in Chicago, and last night’s game is just one reason why. His comments after the game make him something even more.

(video via Dawk Ins; last GIF via @_MarcusD_)

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