The Bulls Welcomed Jimmy Butler And Taj Gibson Back To Chicago With An Incredible Video

Via Chicago Bulls

There were some emotional returns around the NBA on Friday night. First, Dwyane Wade returned to Miami after the Heat acquired him from the Cleveland Cavaliers at the NBA trade deadline and received a thunderous ovation. Soon after, Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson made their returns to Chicago as the Minnesota Timberwolves played the Bulls.

Butler and Gibson were beloved by Chicago fans, and both left the organization within the last year. Gibson was traded to Oklahoma City mid-season last year and eventually ended up in Minnesota, while Butler was traded directly to the Wolves on the night of the 2017 NBA Draft.

The two players were crucial pieces of the team’s core for years, and were the kind of guys who always left it all on the floor at the United Center. In a really awesome moment, the Bulls decided to thank them for their tenures with the team by airing a video in the stadium during a time out.

This is one of the best “welcome back and thank you” videos we’ve ever seen, as it tried to highlight the impact that these two players left on the organization on and off the floor. It featured a bunch of clips that involved them making plays and getting the crowd fired up, but it also included some really funny moments, like the two playing with Star Wars gear and something that looked like it might have been Pictionary.

Oh, and unsurprisingly, the crowd in Chicago loved this.

These videos are always great, and it’s always cool when players are recognized by their old teams. Credit to the people in the Bulls’ organization who put this together, because they knocked it out of the park.