Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Guillermo Gave LeBron James The Cold Shoulder

06.07.17 1 year ago

Jimmy Kimmel Live

For the last six years, Jimmy Kimmel Live has been sending the lovable Guillermo to the NBA Finals so he can report back to the show in his own unique and amusing way. The last six Finals, of course, have featured LeBron James as he made appearances with the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers. However, despite his varied attempts, Guillermo has never been able to land an interview with James. James – not wanting to deal with any silliness – has often just straight up ignored Guillermo.

Naturally, James’ treatment of Guillermo, which may not be on purpose, has hurt the talk show personality’s feelings. Not wanting to have his feelings hurt for the seventh straight year, Guillermo decided to flip the script on James this time around by ignoring the Cavs superstar.

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