J.J. Redick Shotgunned A Beer In The Cold Tub To Pay A Twitter Bet

As the NBA bubble steadily ramps up as players pass through their initial isolation after arriving at Disney, players are venturing out into their bubble environment to enjoy some of the various entertainment options available to them.

For many, that means hitting the well-stocked lakes near the hotels for some bass fishing, as players from a number of teams have proudly flaunted their catches on social media. Others, like J.J. Redick, have taken to the links, as players have access to Disney’s various golf courses during their time there. Redick documented his Saturday round of golf by posting a picture of one of the shut off water fountains on the course, but noting he was able to hydrate just fine with a can of Bud Light.

When asked by the NBA Bubble Life Twitter account, which is posting pics and videos from player social media accounts while in Orlando, how many retweets they’d need to get a video of him shotgunning a beer, Redick unwisely set the number at a very attainable 10,000.

Sure enough, they hit that number and Redick announced after practice in the morning he would honor his wager.

Redick gave the people what they wanted with a video of him shotgunning a beer while in the cold tub after practice, showing that he’s still got it despite being long removed from his college years.

A true pro’s pro.