Joakim Noah Once Showed Up To Phil Jackson’s House In Montana Completely Unannounced

07.08.16 3 years ago
joakim noah, phil jackson

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Phil Jackson and Joakim Noah each have their own, shall we say, eccentricities. Jackson, an 11-time NBA champion, became famous during his career for his unorthodox coaching methods (which borrowed liberally from various freshman-level philosophy texts), while Noah made a name for himself as a rather colorful quote machine as young player for his candid, off-the-cuffs remarks, like that time he admonished Kevin Garnett for being “a very mean guy,” or when he so gloriously dubbed the Big-3-era Miami Heat “Hollywood as Hell.”

But according to a new report, Noah and Jackson have a somewhat curious history together that apparently stretches back long before the Knicks GM signed the former Bulls center to a multi-year deal this summer during free agency.

The details are scarce, but what we wouldn’t give to have been a fly on the wall in that scenario. Jackson obviously fancies himself a sort of messianic figure who inspires the type of apostolic devotion that would compel someone to embark on this type of pilgrimage in a fugue-like state, so it probably shouldn’t be that surprising. No doubt that fortuitous encounter eventually led to their current partnership in New York, where Noah now has a chance to revitalize his once promising career. How it plays out from here is anybody’s guess.

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